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DIRECTOR : Fuad Chowdhury

CAST : Sazzad Hossain, Samonti Shoumi, Kazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shatabdi Wadud, JoySri Kar Joya

Official Selection: IFFSA Toronto

DATE & TIME: Oct 15 at 6:30 PM VENUE: Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas, 22 Lebovic Ave, Scarborough


On the bank of the mighty river, Meghna- there is a small village, called Ulania. Where a young city woman, Progga, arrives with a broken heart and depressed mood. She loves to dance, and she has a scheduled dance performance coming up next month in Dhaka. Her dance was not appreciated by her boyfriend and she argued with him. Finally, she dumped him and came to the village with her parents. On arrival, she feels uneasy with the new place and starts to dislike the village. She would like to return ASAP to Dhaka to practice and perform next month. In this uncomfortable state, she sees an old building. A few hundred years ago cannons used to fire from its rooftop to stop Burmese pirates from entering the villages and the surrounding areas.

Progga also notices some old terracotta figurines depicting elegantly dressed women on the wall of the building. She came to know that there was an excellent dancer in the village by the name Hashi. Unfortunately, Hashi is now kept forcefully in a brothel in a remote village in West Bengal, India, from where she tries to escape several times but can’t. While a woman in a brothel feels attracted to Hashi and tries to develop a relationship. In the village, Progga meets Khushi, Hashi’s younger sister who is also misguided by a couple, Afsana and Nurul. Khushi is looking forward to leaving the village with the couple to meet her sister, Hashi. This couple is engaged in women trafficking.

In reality, Afsana is not Nurul’s wife, she has been hired for this job. Afsana lives in an abusive relationship at home with Nurul. In such circumstances, Hashi gets some help from her female lover in the brothel and is able to escape from that place. After a nerve-racking journey, Hashi reaches her village, Ulania, and Progga rushes to her but the local chairman and some of the villagers claim that Hashi is a characterless woman who has engaged in immoral activities in the big city. Nurul and his gang try to kidnap both Khushi and Hashi for trafficking back to the brothel but they are stopped by Babu and Progga. Chairman manages himself and survives. Progga along with Hashi performs the dance event in Dhaka. Hashi enters into a new life and Progga changes her outlook towards life.


“Meghna Konnya” is a film that has been a labor of love and passion for me, a journey that brought together themes of resilience, human connection, and the transformative power of art. In directing this film, my aim was to shine a spotlight on the often-hidden stories of individuals facing immense adversity, and to illustrate how the human spirit can triumph even in the darkest of circumstances.

At its core, the film is about the pursuit of dreams, the strength to heal from heartbreak, and the courage to stand up against injustice. I was inspired by the contrasting landscapes of the bustling city and the serene village, represented by Dhaka and Ulania respectively. These settings became metaphors for the dichotomy that exists within our lives – the constant tension between our personal struggles and the larger forces that shape our world.

The characters of Progga, Hashi, and Khushi embody the various facets of this tension. Progga’s journey from heartbreak to redemption mirrors the resilience that often emerges from adversity. Hashi’s escape from a life of darkness and her return to her roots showcase the power of hope and determination. Khushi’s vulnerability and misguided trust remind us of the dangers that can lurk behind seemingly benevolent faces.

Throughout the film, the concept of dance serves as a powerful medium for healing and transformation. The dance sequences are not just a form of artistic expression, but also a reflection of the characters’ emotional states and their evolution. Through movement, they find a way to communicate their pain, hopes, and dreams, transcending language barriers and societal norms.

I was also deeply moved by the realities of human trafficking, a topic that is often brushed aside or misunderstood. “Meghna Konnya” aims to shed light on this issue by weaving it into a narrative of courage and redemption. I hope the film can spark conversations and inspire action against this grave injustice that continues to plague our society.

As a director, my intent was to create a visually striking film that resonates on both emotional and intellectual levels. The historical backdrop of Ulania’s resilience against pirate invasions serves as a metaphor for the characters’ own battles, highlighting their strength in the face of adversity.

Ultimately, “Meghna Konnya” is a story of interconnected destinies, the power of empathy, and the potential for transformation. I hope that audiences will be moved by the characters’ journeys and find inspiration in their ability to overcome obstacles and find healing through art and human connection. Through this film, I aim to remind us all that even in the face of the darkest storms, there is always a glimmer of hope waiting to guide us toward a brighter future.

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