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Joler Ghate deikha (জলের ঘাটে দেইখা আইলাম) | Radharman Dutt | A Popular Dhamaila | Bangla Folk Song
Joler Ghate deikha (জলের ঘাটে দেইখা আইলাম) | Radharman Dutt | A Popular Dhamaila
Anwar Azad FIlms
YouTube Channel
Shoyeb Sadiq Shojib
Shoyeb Sadiq Shojib
Radharaman Datta
Hawor Area,Sylhet
Amio Talukdar (Bappi) & Zara Moni
Orpa Rani Sarkar

#Dhamail_song and Dhamail dance is a kind of story dance which is a part of the folklore of Sylhet region. Although this song-dance performance is common in any Manglik ceremony, nowadays it is more common in the wedding ceremonies of traditional religions. #Radharman_Dutt is considered to be the creator of this song as it is the most popular and popular song by him. However, Dhamail song composed by Prataparanjan Talukdar has also gained a lot of popularity in Haoranchal. His song Dhamail is better known as ‘Pratap-Bandha’. The book ‘Dhamail Song of Bangladesh’ edited by folk culture researcher Suman Kumar Das has come out of Bangla Academy with the origin and development of Dhamail song. It contains about 1000 Dhamaila songs as well as the birth, development, spread and introduction of Dhamaila songs and some photographs. Origin of the word “Dhamail” from the word “Dhama”; It means obsession / feeling. Again, take it to mean regional / spoken. It is believed that this name originated because Radharman Dutt was a thinker. Again, according to many, this song-dance is organized in the backyard, so it is called “Dhamail song / dance”. Conventional territory: This song / dance is known as the folk music of the greater Sylhet ( Sylhet , Sunamganj , Habiganj , Moulvibazar districts ) of Bangladesh. Apart from Greater Sylhet, Dhamail songs are popular in the adjoining Brahmanbaria, Comilla, Netrokona , some parts of Mymensingh districts and in Tripura, Karimganj, Kachar, Assam, Hailakandi and Silchar areas of India. Specialty: This song / dance has some specialties; Such as: 1. It’s a dance song; In other words, it also dances to the beat of the song. 2. It is a narrative presentation; That is, it involves serving different parts of a subject / story in stages. 3. Good manners; That is, it is only served before any good deed. 4. Manless conduct; That is, it is limited to the wife-society only. A #popular_dhamaila #bangla_folk song: জলের ঘাটে দেইখা আইলাম কি সুন্দর শাম রাই শাম রাই, ভোমরায় ঘুইরা ঘুইরা মধু খায় ।। নিত্তি নিত্তি ফুল বাগানে ভ্রমর আইসা মধু খায় আয় গো ললিতা সখি আবার দেখি পুনরায়।। মুখে হাসি হাতে বাশিঁ বাজায় বা বন্ধুয়ায় চাদ বদনে প্রেমের রেখা কি বা শোভা দেখা যায় ।। ভাইবে রাধারমণ বলে পাইলাম না রে হায় রে হায় পাইতাম যদি প্রান বন্ধুরে রাখতাম রে পিঞ্জিরায়।। ————- রাধারমণ দত্ত সংগীত পরিচালনা ও হারমোনিয়াম: অরুণ কান্তি তালুকদার প্যাড: অলক কর বাঁশি: প্রনয় দাস দোতরা: মতিন মিয়া Joler ghate deikha ailam Dhamail , #Folk_Song Lyric : Radharaman Datta Singer: Orpa Rani Sarkar Cast: Amio Talukdar (Bappi) & Zara Moni


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